Rock-N-Rates Campaign

Collateral & POS / Promotions / Specialty

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union was at the epicenter of California’s housing bust. Accordingly, it had suffered record real estate losses that were jeopardizing its continued operation. A 2011 marketing campaign that emphasized non-real estate loans was needed, as much as something that would lift the spirits of the organization itself. In other words, what was needed was an extraordinary effort by all involved.


The city of San Diego holds a Rock ‘n Roll Marathon each year in the spring. The promotion was scheduled for February through April, just before the race. The Credit Union had been a sponsor in past years, but did not have the budget to participate. Data Based Marketing created a rock’ n roll themed promotion to sublimely tie into the marathon’s similar theme. The Credit Union did an outstanding job supporting the promotion. It was kicked off in their main conference room that was turned into Club Metro, complete with a DJ. Employees walked a red carpet and were seated together as a branch. The senior management became “roadies” to support the branches, which each developed their own band name and accompanying theme song. The agency produced a wide selection of materials and channels, including: outdoor, direct mail, digital, print and branch point-of-sale. This project met a key agency criteria for success: it was fun for both the Credit Union and the members.


Approximately 5 million sales impressions were generated. This project approved and funded 1,080 loans for $12.2 million, from a response that would have doubled these numbers if they could have been approved. Regardless, this project achieved both numeric and emotional success, helping galvanize a staff into believing they were indeed, “born to loan.”