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Data Based Marketing of California, Inc. was formed in 1985 with a very simple premise: what you don’t know can hurt your business. So we built a marketing agency that takes a thoughtful ready-aim-fire approach:

We get ready by having all the tools to make a market situational assessment.

We take aim with state-of-the-art data analysis and database management.

And when we fire, it’s on the right channels with the right message to the right audience. How do we get the creative right? Well, it’s a lot easier when you know what is selling and to whom.

This approach has also kept the agency at the cutting edge of industry and communication trends for 30 years. Our 2012 introduction of the first and nationally award-winning marketing app for credit unions, CU-Mobile Marketing, is one example. And so is our involvement with the first comparison-shopping site for credit unions, MoveCU.

In 2013, Data Based Marketing merged with Graves Advertising Plus. We specialize in many different industries, primarily: financial services, education, automotive and aviation.

We have a proven expertise in the credit union industry, which we started with when we opened our doors in 1985. Data Based Marketing maintains a nationwide credit union database quarterly, using National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) sourced 5300 Call Reports and reporting from the banking industry’s FDIC. This provides a clear and constant view of industry conditions and the ability to develop the right strategies for our credit union clients in their market area.

We are proud to say our projects have helped to collectively generate more than $900 million in new business volume for our credit union clients alone.

Thank you for visiting the Data Based Marketing website. We welcome the opportunity to show you how the “data based” approach to marketing can work for your credit union or company. Listen to what some of our clients have said about Data Based Marketing (and a big “thanks” for their very kind words).

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Data Based Marketing provides the full range of services that develop clear market situational analysis and market strategies to implementing communication programs that reach the desired target market. These services include:

    • We use state-of-the-art quantitative methodologies, with decisive mathematical significance testing. Our quantitative focus groups come with edited digital video and complete verbatim response transcripts. We get to the most pertinent facts that will make your business more successful.


    • Use of government and reliable commercial data sources, linear regression based sales trending and sophisticated data base management makes Data Based Marketing the leader of situational analysis. From market trends to consumer purchase behavior, having the right answers makes your business more successful.


    • Data Based Marketing uses both its market research and decades of industry experience to develop a client’s market strategies. Services in this area include market plan development and management, brand development and management, corporate strategic planning facilitation and client consultation.


    • Data Based Marketing was forged in the world of direct marketing, with results that can be tracked. This led to innovative techniques for traditional mass media channels, like print, outdoor, TV and radio and has led to new channels, like digital and cinema.


    • We have developed a disruptive and national award winning mobile marketing app. We are a Google-certified Adwords provider. Our websites and email marketing are state-of-the-art. We are co-founders in MoveCU, the first comparison shopping website for credit unions. Oh yeah, we get digital.


    • Data Based Marketing provides event planning and management services. From one-day promotional events to multi-day conferences, we have the experience to make your event memorably successful.



Data Based Marketing’s advertising work has won the highest national awards for our clients. We have won multiple Best of Shows and more than fifty 1st, 2nd or honorable mention awards in a wide range of categories. But more importantly, our work has generated the results our clients depend upon.

In 2008, the economy was declining rapidly into what would be known later as The Great Recession. During these bleak times we successfully produced a comprehensive campaign that had the largest dollar volume response of any reported in the entire credit union industry that year. It was also the agency record for total dollar volume.

Beyond traditional marketing channels, Data Based Marketing won awards for developing the financial service industry’s first mobile marketing app. We credit our research capabilities to keep us on the cutting edge of consumer desires. Yeah, that data based thing really does work.

In terms of results, Data Based Marketing has helped generate more than $900 million in new dollar volume for our clients. So please take a look a some current work and others done over our 30-years in business. Thanks for visiting.

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Dave DawsonPresident, co-founder
Dave co-founded the agency with his wife Molly in 1985. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Cal Poly Pomona with a minor in Psychology. He is an expert in database management, market research, strategic planning and creative concept development. Dave facilitates strategic planning conferences, moderates focus groups, develops strategic and tactical marketing plans and leads the agency’s creative concept development.

Molly DawsonVice President, co-founder
Molly co-founded the agency with her husband Dave in 1985. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola Marymount University. She is an expert in database management, market research, project management and client relations, and she manages the full production cycle, from client consultation, vendor selection, production management and office management.

Paula CavallaroArt Director
Paula joined the agency in 2000. She has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications from the University of Maryland and is an expert in visual communication.

Melisa CapalonganAccount Executive/Agency Traffic Manager
Melisa joined the agency when Data Based Marketing merged with Grave’s Communications in 2013. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics from Cal State Fullerton and is an expert in client and production management.

Meg KramigCreative Director
Meg joined the agency when Data Based Marketing merged with Grave’s Communications in 2013. She has a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Ball State University with a minor in Graphic Design and is an expert in copywriting and Internet communications.

Dreu CejaBookkeeper
Dreu joined the agency when Data Based Marketing merged with Grave’s Communications in 2013. She is responsible for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll.

Kevin M. DawsonDigital Communications Manager
Kevin joined the agency in 2010 after he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. He is an expert in digital communications, website design and implementation, Google AdWords and mobile app development. Kevin is also the co-founder of MoveCU, the first ever comparison shopping and lead generation site for the credit union industry.



Data Based Marketing has had the privilege to work with these clients in the last year: